Instantly sound like your favorite artists.

Waves Vocal Preset FL Studio Vocal Preset

How does it actually work?

1. Record With My FL Studio Preset

Get an industry-quality vocal mix using only stock FL Studio plugins.

2. Upgrade Your Sound

Pro Vocals. Every DAW.

Inspired by the real vocal chains of chart-topping artists, my Waves StudioRack presets offer unparalleled quality and customization for any voice or genre.

Mixing & Mastering - DAK

3. Mixing & Mastering

Get your songs ready for streaming services with an industry-level mix and master. Achieve unparalleled clarity and loudness to compete with the most popular songs today.

"The only preset that works for me. Tried a hundred of them and none do it for me, but this one does it all."

- DRXW (Artist)

5 Ways Artists use my Vocal Presets

1. Live Tracking

Record and hear your mixed vocals in real-time.

5 Ways Artists use my Vocal Presets

2. Mixing & Mastering

Fine-tune settings to get the exact sound you’re looking for.

5 Ways Artists use my Vocal Presets

4. Live Performances

Sound exactly like the studio version of your songs when performing live.

5 Ways Artists use my Vocal Presets

5. Reverse Engineering

Analyze, experiment, and make them your own.


I'amMe (Artist)

This preset made my vocals sound better than ever before

Hey TJ (Artist)

My go to for turning my raw tracks into hits

PWIG (Artist)

Dak is phenomenal! From mixing to insightful marketing tips he sets a high bar.

Benn (Artist)

Super easy to work with, professional, and the quality is better than most can offer