Mixing & Mastering by DAK

Sale price$49.99 USD

Get your song professionally mixed and mastered using industry standard plugins.

Industry-Quality Mix & Masters. Independent Prices.


  • Vocal Mixing (Auto-Tune, EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, etc.)
  • Beat Mixing (Compression, EQ, etc.)
  • Mastering (Competitive Industry-Standard Loudness)

*After purchase, email the beat and raw vocal .WAV files to: sales@prodbydak.com

Any questions? Send me a message on Instagram @prodbydak or email me - sales@prodbydak.com


Benn (Artist)

Super easy to work with, professional, and the quality is better than most can offer

PWIG (Artist)

Dak is phenomenal! From mixing to insightful marketing tips he sets a high bar.

Hey TJ (Artist)

My go to for turning my raw tracks into hits